Leading Australian Business Schools

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Leading Australian Business Schools

Australia has many of the top business schools in the Asia-Pacific region according to a study conducted in 2015. The country also ranked high among the most preferred destinations for students wishing to pursue business courses around the world.

  • In the 2015 rankings, 12 of the top 30 business schools from the Asia and Pacific region came from Australia, which is roughly 40% of the total number of schools ranked.
  • Australia also supports several major cities that are popular study destinations (Student Cities Australia).

Here is a look at the leading Australian business schools

College of Business and Economics, Australia National University

Located in Canberra, the College of Business and Economics at ANU is heavily tilted toward research and development. Over the years, its scope has expanded to include a number of departments. All are dedicated to addressing the current business needs of modern entrepreneurs and aspiring students.

At the moment, the school boasts 6 areas of study, and the two most popular ones are actuarial science and statistics. The areas are packed with students looking for fresh ideas to apply to business. The approach from the school is geared toward addressing the challenges of the modern business environment. This is achieved while still inculcating the concepts of days-gone-by in a bid to strike an academic balance.

The school continues to focus on research and has 4 schools dedicated solely to that. Their research ideologies are progressive and provide a fresh look at the study of business in an environment that is drastically changing. The school offers a mix of solutions that bridge the past with the present and offer a look at the future. This kind of research is instrumental in preparing learners for the organisational demands of the business world.

Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne

This school remains one of the most progressive. Its business courses offer practical concepts consistently throughout the stay of students within the institution. It also looks at the life they embark upon after finishing their studies.

MBS made history way back in 1965 when it became the first institution to bequeath learners with an MBA in Australia. The feat effectively established the school as one of the hardest hitters when it came to setting academic and developmental milestones.

  • MSB has an interesting take on the Australian financial and entrepreneurial landscape.
  • It uses its multi-pronged outlook to boost creativity and industry among its students.

Monash Business School, Monash University

One of the most outstanding aspects of the Monash Business School is its stringent set of requirements. In most cases, students are required to have a prior working experience of 3 years before they even set foot in the door. This effectively locks out beginners. It also ensures that those who register for courses are able to relate what they observed in the outside world to what they learn at school.

Students from Monash are trained to succeed. They are also taught to be leaders in setting standards and finding practical solutions to problems within the current business environment and prevailing set of dynamics.

Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong

SBS has been for a long time known as an institution that seizes the initiative. It is known for partnering with organisations from around the world to create development roadmaps. The school receives high course ratings for business courses, especially the MBA program (Good Universities). As well as traditional MBA classes, it awards specialist master’s degrees.

SBS is a proud signatory to the Principles for Responsible Management Education, which is spearheaded by the UN.

Graduate School of Business and Law

The Graduate School of Business and Law (RMIT) oversaw an extensive renovation project that cost US$18 million in 2010. The school has a long and decorated history. It started out small and made a name for itself in academic circles, rising from the bottom towards the top in a short time.


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